About Me

I’m George and I’m a certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and NLP practitioner. I’m a member of the professional APHP and a fully insured practitioner. I’m also a fully registered Nurse for the NHS with over 10 years’ experience, currently specialised in oncology and complex needs of cancer patients.

I became interested in the use of different mind therapies following their successful use in my own life, dealing with such issues as stress and chronic pain following a spinal accident. I studied at the leading Central England college where I gained my diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and I’m also studying at present to become a certified mindfulness teacher as well as a fully certified nutritional adviser in order to greatly benefit my clients through further development of my skills and practice.

I found what worked for me, and I’m keen to help others benefit from the shrouded benefits of such treatments as Cognitive Behavioural hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. These techniques can massively help people achieve great success and control of situations when used holistically along with the more conventional medical model.

I have realised over the last decade that the conventional medical model routinely neglected the mind part of the self when treating peoples ailments and problems. I found that mind therapies are extremely valuable when incorporated alongside conventional treatments. Allowing people to develop greater control over their ailments, problems and their life.

I believe so much that mind therapies have changed my life massively over the last 10 years and I believe their simple use in others’ lives will help and allow people achieve their ambitions and life’s goals, benefiting countless individuals and the greater community in which we live.