Anxiety, Panic And Stress

Scientific research has shown that excessive stress and anxiety over long periods of time can lead to mental and physical illness, including depression, hypertension, diabetes, nervous breakdown and heart disease.

You may be aware of your psychological state but unable to take control of your physical and emotional symptoms. The manifestation of these natural responses are the body’s reaction to situations when trying to protect us from danger and harm in our environment but they can become massively disproportionate to the situations we faced and can hijack our body as they become deeply entrenched and rooted in the mind and body.

Now the good news with hypnotherapy…..

As these reactions have been learnt and strengthened over time they can equally be desensitized and removed by re-teaching the mind to perceive fear and stress in a normal proportionate manner it was designed for. Allowing you to enjoy your life and the opportunities it brings along to the fullest of your potential.

I use a mixture of techniques including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Coaching, and Cognitive hypnotherapy in order to help you become free of the restraints this matter can inflict upon you. Allowing you to concentrate fully on all the things that are really important to you and your life.

Call me to discuss how I can help you take back control of your thoughts and emotions.