Pain Control Issues

Pain, both chronic and periodic onset can have massive implications on quality of life.

Many people suffer from the negative effects of pain as it slowly robs the positives a person hold dear and can cascade into a myriad of other concerns once people become desperate and have to start taking pharmaceutical medication such as pain killers.

Often pain can manifest in areas with no cause or true diagnosis but continue its path to long term chronic pain. The process becomes perpetual in causing stress, low mood, confidence and alternatively depression which have all been shown to influence pain in a very negative way. And so the vicious cycle continues.

Now the good news

Hypnotherapy can be highly effective in helping people manage their pain and start living the life they want and deserve. Hypnotherapy has had years of effectiveness in inducing full anesthesia on parts of the body which have been operated on with none of the conventional drugs you would associate with this subject.

The power of suggestion and the placebo affect is becoming more and more understood and we are realizing the sheer beneficial value of this effect

There was a remarkable study where two groups of patients required knee surgery. One group underwent the normal routine arthroscopy to scrape, clean and remove tissue to ultimately reduce chronic pain.

The other group, unknown to them underwent full anesthetic but rather than having the procedure they had two small incisions made to the skin either side of their knee and each incision was also closed with a stitch, looking exactly as if the full procedure had been performed.

When the two groups were compared some months later there was no difference in the two groups, both showing the same improvement in pain and symptoms. Reinforcing the benefits of placebo effect.

People routinely show massive results when controlling their pain and ultimately their life, being able to perform tasks, hobbies and skills that they had only dreamed about since suffering their pain.

Both Hypnotherapy and Meditation can give you back the control of your life. Call me today to discuss how we can work with each other to achieve your goals.