Smoking Cessation

All smokers are aware of the devastating health effects of smoking and the social stigma now associated with the habit, but that alone is often not enough for the conscious mind to stop the overwhelming subconscious habit overriding the behavior.

Smoking and the physiological way it hijacks the natural systems in the body and brain can turn you into its slave, unaware of which way to turn to help you become smoke free. There are many different techniques available to help you understand what’s happening with the habit of smoking and how to banish it for good.

Often willpower alone is not enough for you to give up smoking and break the habit for good. Hypnotherapy is effective in the treatment and process of becoming a healthy none smoker.

Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to quit smoking according to one of the largest ever comparison of research around the most effective methods in stopping the habit according to an article published by the renowned Journal of Applied Psychology.

It shows the percentage success rate for the different methods of giving up the habit as follows:

•Willpower 6%
•Self help programs such as books and CD’s 9%
•Nicotine Replacement therapy 10%
•Hypnotherapy, greater than 60%

Among other methods making the remaining difference.

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